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Four Ways to Know if Your Church is Out of Touch

Reality check ahead

"We want to reach our community!" In 24 years of ministry, I've never served or consulted with a single congregation that didn't say this. But for too many churches, they just weren't getting it done.

For many years, church leaders have attended conferences, listened to church growth "experts," and copied strategies that were successful in other contexts in the hope that the result would be people coming to Christ and communities being impacted. But too often, the most critical piece of the puzzle wasn't even considered.

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Why the "Public/Private/Home Education Debate" needs to Stop...Now!

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Heresy has always threatened to corrupt the church. From its earliest days when Marcion sought to add books to her Bible to the various prosperity gospel preachers and Jehovah's Witnesses that exist today, there are teachings that have damnable results.

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